Saturday, October 15, 2011

A moment in time/A timeless moment

Inscription on the Back of a Snapshot, 1915

Conditions are a little grim,
but what can one expect?
Our rations are…well, they are slim:
we use what we collect.
We get by on our wit and whim
but with all due respect,
in war it’s all just sink or swim.
May peace soon take effect. 


Notes:  Sepia Saturday posted this snapshot of some World War I soldiers cooking a meal out of a helmet.  The field behind them is wasted and desolate.  When you look at this photo, you are almost glad it is in black and white, and not color - although the starkness, by virtue of the lack of hues, is probably more powerful in the end.

The form is Hymnal Octave.



  1. Perfect! I can't think of a poem that would suit this photo better.

  2. It's amazing that they could even muster smile in the photo

  3. Wonderful poem for this photo!

  4. ...great poem...and sad that still here we are today hoping for peace to come...

  5. you do amazing writing on special stuff, keep it up.

  6. Words and image perfectly align. It is interesting that two of the men seem to be smiling. Indeed, may peace soon take effect!

  7. The few simple lines seem to sum up the occasion - the tragedy and the survival of the human spirit - so well.