Sunday, October 30, 2011

Block Party

on an old scarred desk
an IBM Selectric
gathers words and dust


Notes: The above picture was thoughtfully provided for by Magpie Tales, for the prompt this week.  The theme of Writer's Block is obvious, as is my choice of form (5/7/5 Haiku) but I decided to write a slightly different take on it.  Instead, my idea of a block at the moment is watching my kids (in crazy costumes, of course) go 'round the block in search of candy.

Happy Halloween! 


  1. And so many unborn statements. I love the image of gathering words and dust.

  2. Nice take, but If my typewriter could gather words, I'd turn it upsidedown like a toaster and shake out the crumbs. My Magpie this week is Poet.

  3. I enjoyed your haiku. Enjoy the holiday. (And don't steal too much of your kids' candy.)

  4. ...gathers words and dust – i like that.. what else could we get on such a thing... great-shorty take here!


  5. I've got one doing exactly that... LOL

  6. smiles...more words than dust is my motto...nice play

  7. RJ, I had a Selectric back in the day. What an evocative image! Words and dust... the question is, which gathers faster, right? Loved it. Amy