Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Epicure Din-o-sperience (Not)

Image courtesy of Bella's Website

I Like My Steak Rawr!

Don’t dine, O’Saure
at Cretaceous Pub.
The food will vex;
the sweet tea wrecks.

Notes:  This is a quick-n-cute one, because I am in a sleepy/punchy frame of mind.  The form (thanks, Sal Buttaci!) is Pun-ku. 

In other news, my poem, Missing the Point, was Walt's pick for Bloom of the Week at Poetic Bloomings (thanks Walt and Marie!) and my limerick, Bizarre Foods, got an Honorable Mention this week at Mad Kane's Humor Blog (thanks, Madeleine!)



  1. Well, RJ, you are on fire! Congrats on the acknowledgments of what we in the know recognize as genius. Your Mugging for the Camera is on my bedside table at all times, and it truly helped me during my depression. Bless you, babe, and the pun-ku (Punk? OOOOOO!) is great. Good on Sal. Amy

  2. RJ, love your sense of humour :)