Saturday, October 29, 2011

I don't understand...

Missed the Bus

Our tour guide pointed out each site
that we should note: “Look left. Look right.”
Confusion did prevail.
That’s because each time he’d cite
a landmark, he spoke Swedish.  Quite
a problem: language fail.
You see, Anglais is all I speak,
so Swedish, French or even Greek
are…well... Greek to me.  Eh?
When I travel and spend a week
in foreign lands, it isn’t cheek:
just jag förstår inte.


Notes: Sepia Saturday provided the above picture from the Photographic Archives of the Stockholm Transport Museum as their prompt.  Pretty cool photograph, huh?  

The problem is, the signs are written in what I presume to be Swedish (which means that I cannot read them, since I do not speak or read Swedish.)

Of course, if I were going to visit Sweden in the near future (or any other country for that matter, for which English is not the native/spoken language) I would try to learn a bit about that country's language and culture in advance so I could actually appreciate what I was seeing and experiencing.  That would make it so much more of a gift, dontcha think?

Anyway, the form is Rime Couee.  And while I am sure that some folks who read this blog entry will 'get' the final line, for those who don't, the words are Swedish and in translation, mean, "I don't understand."