Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And now, for a little ghoulish humor...

Image courtesy of Anguished Repose

Can U Top This, Vampire Style

Old Vlad, he was telling a tale
of the folks that he liked to impale.
“…but that Bathory chick?
She is more bloody sick
than yours truly: she’s so off the scale!”

Then the Countess politely demurred.
“Dear Vlad – that is simply absurd!
We both love the blood sport
of ‘la morte’ at the Court.
It’s a tie for the folks we’ve interred.”


Notes: The form is a double limerick.  The inspiration comes from Mad Kane's Humor Blog's Limerick-Off Monday, where the brilliant Madeleine supplies the first line of a limerick each week and then those with a doggerel sense of being contribute his or her own personal take (or takes) on the theme.  One lucky contributor will get named the weekly prompt contest winner and several runners-up are announced as well.  It's fun - so give it try it!

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  1. Thanks so much for another fun contribution to my Limerick-Offs. And thanks for your kind words!