Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grasset's April

'April' - from Eugène Grasset's Calandrier 'La Belle Jardinière' 1896

Grasset’s April

April’s surely the sweetest time,
where flowers bloom and tendrils climb.
In my mind’s springtime eye, I see
you…with a nosegay of sweet pea.

Meandering rills frame a scene
that’s dotted with pink and soft green
but the fairest of all must be
you…with a nosegay of sweet pea.

And, oh, how I find myself spun
in pastoral dreams, with the sun
spreading its warmth.  Beside a tree:
you…with a nosegay of sweet pea.

O in this garden, by Grasset,
the centerpiece this April day
is just the one who’s dazzingly
you…with a nosegay of sweet pea. 


Notes:  The inspiration for this poem originally came from Sepia Saturday's prompt of a black and white World War II era photograph of some people working in a garden.  Now, as you may have already guessed from earlier posts, I'm a huge fan of the poster art of La Belle Epoque, so this Grasset poster worked really well for the words that were playing in my head.

On another note, most of the other poetry I'm penning this month can be found at Robert Lee Brewer's April PAD Challenge.  In case you might wonder, for the most part, I've 'challenged' myself to write in the form Kyrielle.


  1. I like your poem but in my part of the world (North-East England) sweet peas don't bloom in the spring. Still you may claim poetic licence!

  2. I like the poem and poster. I've never known (or paid attention to) the artist's name, but I always recognize the work.

  3. Hi RJ! I have always loved your poems and now I have a way to show the world how amazing you are--please visit my poetry blog and accept your award (you may have already received about 50, but, as Meena says, it doesn't come with a return receipt :-)

    Happy day!