Saturday, April 7, 2012

Am I reading something into this?

This image is of the library on the ill-fated Mauritania.  The photograph was provided for by Sepia Saturday,


I sit and read a much-worn tome…
that’s when it suddenly hits home.
I know where I was meant to be:
‘midst silent crowds; the library.

So many words are spoken but
that’s only when books are not shut.
And then I’ll hear the symphony,
‘midst silent crowds, the library.

Each person reads a narrative.
Ideas dance, declarative.
The hushed room’s filled with bel esprit
‘midst silent crowds; the library.

Unspoken conversations stream
while literate companions dream.
We’re all the same, a synchrony
‘midst silent crowds; the library.  


Notes:  The form is Kyrielle.  The poem was written based on two separate prompts:  Sepia Saturday's theme of 'library' (because this is National Library Week) and Poetic Asides' prompt about people interacting without saying any words. 


  1. What a beautiful poem. So perfect for this week's theme.

  2. "Unspoken conversations stream" -- I love that!

  3. I'd love to have a huge house, big enough for a real library room...Instead, I have a little house with library FLOORS! LOL