Saturday, April 14, 2012

Apocalyptically speaking...

Image courtesy of  The Meta Picture

Zombie Apocalypse

“Zombies are people, too.  Okay, dead people with poor grammar skills.” ~Night of the Living Dead

Let’s celebrate apocalypse –
the zombie kind. Here are my tips:
So…one: you moan, and two: eat brains.
Three: Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ reigns.

It’s ‘Doomsday’ – zombies can be found
at Starbucks, Game Stop…all around
the shopping malls and bowling lanes
where Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ reigns.

Their biggest problem? When they talk.
But only zombies rock ‘the walk.’
It’s even better done in chains
‘cause Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ reigns.

Zombies, existentially,
are what the world will zombday be.
If zombies are the last remains,
then Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ reigns. 


Notes:  The form is Kyrielle.  Over at the Poetic Asides PAD Challenge, Day 14's theme is 'Doomsday.'  Well, anyone who knows me knows my poetry typically doesn't want to be a downer. It's meant to be clever and funny (I said 'meant to be', you know) and it's really just shiny, happy people poetry.  


I mean, I have my causes and my rants (and don't get me started, okay?)  But I also believe that life is too short ('though not in a doomsday kind of way, of course) so why not laugh.

After all, the zombies will get you zombday anyway.


  1. Terrorific! Usually I can't stomach Michael Jackson but when the association is this good, I suppose he's worth a mention......

  2. LOL, classic! This would be great in the "Poetry for Fun" section of our forum, where we tend to post our lighthearted fare. :D What's poetry if you can't have a little fun with it sometimes?