Saturday, September 10, 2011

Game On!

Game #4 of the 1912 World Series: NY Giant vs. the Boston Red Sox at the Polo Grounds in NY.  Attribution of photo unknown
Game On

In nineteen twelve, the Polo Grounds:
a pitch, a swing…Wood makes the rounds
as Boston, N.Y. duke it out.
The crowds are up; they’re on their feet.
They’re roaring for their team to beat
the opposition.  There’s no doubt
collective breaths will all be held
since on that day, the Sox repelled      
the Giants, with the final out.


Notes: Sepia Saturday provided an old photograph for today's prompt which tell a story (President Wilson at a train stop.)  It was a really cool picture, which I may use in a future poem, but when I saw the above snapshot, I had to have a go at it.

In case you didn't know, I am a baseball fan (in general) and a Phillies fan (in particular.)

Go Phillies!

Anyway, the poetic form is Nove Otto which was highlighted at Poetic Bloomings this week.  It's a fun. seriously addicting poetic form.

So, get your game on and check it out!


  1. I am not a poetry fan in general, but I enjoyed the poem more after reading the description of Nove Otto.

  2. When you enlarge the picture you see how ornate the stadium is.
    I hadn't heard of Nove Otto before.

  3. I could never understand, not being a North American, why they call it the World Series. Great photograph.

  4. And your photograph is full of action - and your words capture the action perfectly.

  5. I now have 'Take me out to the ball game ....' playing over-and-over in my head! No baseball for me today but perhaps a little football!

  6. I love baseball too, but I always say that i love it for the wrong reasons. For me it is totally about the atmosphere. I don't care at all who winds or loses. I love the sounds (oh, the organ music!..the food sellers, the cheers), the way the field is mowed, the smells, and the camaraderie.

  7. awesome, your poetry is like spring water, refreshing.

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  9. I wish I knew something about baseball, but on the other hand we follow quite enough sport in our family. I enjoyed your poem. :)

  10. great poem and the photo make it one exciting piece! Thanks!