Friday, September 30, 2011

Get Your Red On

Image courtesy of Shsaplit

Rispetto de la Rouge

Red is sometimes called cinnabar or claret
or ruddy, sanguine, ruby or vermillion,
or raspberry, crimson, poppy or scarlet.
I’ll stop here, since ‘red’ names?  More than a zillion.
Okay, I say with a blush:  Hyperbole.
But the thing is, as a color, red’s got reverbole,
a fancy word for echo. (I forced this rhyme.)
So get your rouge on…it’s paint-the-town-red time.


Notes:  Poets United Think Tank Thursday used red for their prompt this week.  And because Poetic Asides featured the form Rispetto this week, I decided to go with it for my 'rosy' poem.  (Get it?)

On another note, Marie Elena and Walt chose me (yeah, you 'red' that right!) to be the subject of this week's poets' spotlight over at Poetic Bloomings.  Totally cool and lots of fun.  If you get the chance stop by and see my interview.  And please feel free to leave a comment too if you are so inclined, 'cause I just love that sort of thing, y'know?  Thanks!


  1. RED by any other name is red. And I LOVE IT!

  2. glad to see so many names on REd.



  3. I love all the red you showered us with :D

  4. My mother loved the color 'red' and your description here is striking.