Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Matter of Charm and Taste

The Snake Charmer - Henri Rousseau, 1907
A Matter of Charm and Taste

“Charmed, I am sssssssure,” said the boa snake
to the man who played airs on his flute.
“Please join me.  I’m having tea and cake
and maybe…perhapsssssss…a bit of fruit.”

The snake-charmer man put down his flute
and replied, “That suits me to a ‘T’.
I could do with some tea, cake and fruit.”
So they went to the old banyon tree.

There, they found a table set for tea
so the snake asked the charmer to serve.
The flute man poured with great gallantry
while the snake consumed an hors d’oeuvre.

The snake remarked, “How nicely you sssssserve
and how nicely you show you have taste.
I think I’ll have another hors d’oeuvre.” ...
... Then he ate the poor flutist with haste.

A warning to all with breeding and taste
be careful with your tea and your cake.  
Do not accept invites made in great haste
especially from a charmed boa snake.


Notes:  Magpie Tales posted the above objet d'art for use as today's prompt.  I decided to have a bit of fun with it, and chose the form of Pantoum in which to do it.


  1. What a fun piece... cute for the newly inspired youngins. Definitely watch out for Mr. Boa.

  2. Oh, youngins for sure ... oldins too.

    Shades of Mr. Kipling himself!

  3. tea and cakes! I loved it!

    The entire pelvic region was pulsating

  4. I was soooo hoping the flautist would eat the snake instead!
    great fun

  5. ...could be right of The Jungle Book
    wonderful sounds in you poem

  6. love your magpie,

    the first line instantly opens up.

    impressive wordplay.

  7. Just stopped by to thank you again for your great Limerick-Off contribution last week. Congrats on winning Limerick of the Week!

  8. I love that sibilant Jungle Book character!

  9. feel free to share your talent with our poetry picnic from Sunday to Thursday, 8pm.

    week 7 Theme: love and love lost.

    bless you.
    keep refreshing poetry posting.