Monday, December 6, 2010

Rock on, Rondeau!

I just got some really great news: 

The results of the Poetic Asides' Rondeau Forms Challenge were just announced - and my poem, At the Fortuneteller's Tent made the list of Top Ten Winners!

Congratulations to Brian Slusher for taking First Place with his poem, Goodbye.  Also, congratulations to the other top ten winners - and to everyone else who took part in the challenge.

Finally - thank you (big time!), Robert Lee Brewer!

At the Fortune Teller’s Tent

“Your story’s told.  The cards?  They speak.
I hope my meaning’s not oblique,”
the fortune-teller said to me,
“but life is such a potpourri.”
I sighed, with just a bit of pique.

“You’ll meet someone with strong mystique
who seems quite nice but very sleek.
Your openness will be the key.
Your story’s told.”

Prognostication?  Not unique.
“You’re much too vague,” was my critique.
But she insisted, “I foresee
that this is what shall be.  Shall be.
It doesn’t matter what you seek.
Your story’s told.”



  1. Very nice. I haven't read too many poems where the character of two distinct persons comes strongly through like that.

    Congratulations on the recognition!

  2. Wow! Coming from you, Nevets, that is one huge compliment. Thank you!