Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Mooooving Story


I found an interesting site thanks to Sharp Little Pencil, called Three Word Wednesday.  Each week, they post three words and the challenge is to write a poem using those words in some manner.  This past week, the words were Dabble, Lean and Utter.  There were many thoughtful, well-written poems created from this prompt (which are linked to the site, if you want to check 'em out - and I highly encourage it.) 


...of course, since my mind works in a strange, wordplay kind of way, well...this is what I got:

Utter Bull

Dabble? He lean and hungry dude
but haz no utters dat protrude.
Dat iz becuz he ain’t no cow,
so Mutter Nature can’t endow.

And on that note, guess I'll be moooooving along.  Cheers!


  1. Welcome! Thanks for the chuckle. Your contribution made me smile.

  2. Thank you, ThomG! I know it was a silly piece, but it was fun. ☼

  3. ...but I love silly pieces for prompts. Welcome to Three Word Wednesday.