Monday, December 27, 2010

My Appropos List

Big Tent Poetry
posts a prompt on Monday each week.  For this week, the prompt is to write a list poem.


If you read my last post, you probably noticed that my last poem had something to do with telephonics, as it applied to my kidlets.  In keeping with this theme, kinda sorta - and because my iPhone was sitting right on my desk in front of me (and I am essentially a lazy person) - I decided 'to poem' about it.  Here goes:


It comes with some presets
like iTunes and Clocks
and YouTube and AppStore,
Notes, Weather and Stocks.

Photos and Camera,
Safari and Mail
and Phone and that Calc thing
on page 1 prevail.

But guess what I added
to help me live better,
to organize, game-play
and be a go-getter?

HuffPost and YNAB,
Air Hockey, CraigsPro,
Facebook and Drum Kit
and Hello Vino,

Fruit Ninja, Kindle
and Yatzee and Nook,
Labyrinth, Koi Pond,
iZen Life, iBook,

Dogs Playing Poker,
iNeko, Flash Ready,
Old Booth and – wow! - NASA.
I feel a bit heady.

I’ve got mSecure
and there’s Flixster, More Toast!
and Louvre and Today Show
and movies like Ghost,

Poetry, PeeWee,
Shakespeare, reQall,
MLB dot com
and SketchMee, Skee Ball,

Big Oven, Weird Laws
and yes - Pocket Zoo,
Cooking Asst.,
xFractal, Yahoo!,

Talking Tom, Tongue Twisters
and JotNotPro,
Key Ring and Diptic
and also SpawnGlow,

iBroadway and iChing
and iTarot, too.
NY Times, TV Guide,
CNET Review,

TextPics, ConvertBot
and AAA TripTik,
Paper Toss, Tic Tac Free,
Solitaire, Music,

Pocket Informant,
Doodle Bowl, Glee,
Driver, Dictation
and Van Gogh HD.

I’ve got a few more apps
you might find in Wired,
‘cause clever designers
get truly inspired.
My iPhone? I give props,
with much flattery,
but all of these apps suck down
my battery.

So now I must charge up
my iPhone once more.
But while that goes on,
I’ll check out the App Store

to see what is New/Hot
and what is well, cool.
Just when you think ‘that’s it’
they get a new tool

or game or utility.
Conspicuous consumption
is the latest rage now,
a basic assumption.

So here’s to my smart phone,
which I love to employ.
‘Til something fresh comes out,
it’s my new favorite toy.



  1. Ha! Love it. I don't have an iPhone, but I've fooled around with my friend's. They're pretty awesome.

  2. Thanks, Jenna! I have to say, they are a lot of fun. ☼

  3. love the music notes.
    keep it up.


  4. RJ- As usual, you have come up with a unique idea, spun your whimsical words together, and created a fun piece. I love it!

  5. Fun! I liked seeing the collection of newly constructed words and phrases around apps all in one place.

  6. since my iPad is an obsession, i get the apps obsession, too! :) great idea for a list poem (and not lazy at all!)

  7. Clever idea! I do not have any kind of smart phone, but I recognized Fruit Ninja from my college son's obsession with it.

  8. I feel so deprived, lol. This is either an obsession or a cleverly inspired ad, commercial. You obviously had some fun and that comes through loud and clear. Have a great New Year,


  9. You could probably sell this to Apple's marketing division and make a ton of money. Can I have 5% of your commission? :0)

  10. so, now I know why all my kids have this phone. Uses a lot of poer, eh? Enjoyed the verses.

  11. Thanks so much! It was just an idea that kind of hit me since I was trying to think of something to list that might prove cute or funny - and then I noticed my iPhone and just started playing around with the apps thing.

    liv2write - lol!

    dj - Fruit Ninja is fun!

  12. nicely done and thanks for sharing....cheers and health for NY

  13. Hi RJ. Nice to see you on Big Tent. I love the lighthearted romp through iPhone apps. And it even rhymes!I'm not a iPhone user myself, but I can sure see the attraction!

  14. Cara and Wayne - thanks so much for the kind words! Happy New Year!