Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Launch Time is Rapidly Approaching...

My erstwhile, hardworking and generally wonderful editor, Denyse Loeb just let me know that Penny Wishes is almost ready to be released now! The date is February 15th!

Am I excited? You bet I am!

And considering my birthday is actually tomorrow, it is most certainly a well-timed and a very, very welcome gift!

The cover art for Penny Wishes was created by Ron Leming. When you read the book, you'll be able to see why this really does capture the mood and setting of the book. I'll be posting a bit more about it all in the next few days. but in the meantime, don't forget to mark your calendar for February 15th - and then visit Lilley Press!

As London Tipton would say, "Yay me!" But I'd also like to add to that, "Thanks!"

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