Monday, January 26, 2009

It's been a while, hasn't it...

...but I decided it's a good time to post again!

It's been a busy time, but things are going pretty well. I just finished the third round of content edits on Penny Wishes with my editor at Lilley Press (thanks so much, Denyse!), and now we're into the line editing phase. The cover design looks pretty good - and I was lucky to have a designer who really tried to work with me and incorporate the things I wanted for the cover (thanks Ron!)

As for other news, I'm working on getting the packages ready for the Goldfinch 2009 readers so that they can start the process of ranking submissions. I know it'll be a tough job for them, because there are so many great prose and poetry pieces!

And, happily, Bound Brook Memorial Library has invited me to do a seminar/reading in April for National Poetry Month. They also very kindly accepted Mugging for the Camera into their circulation collection, which is awesome, considering it's a self-published book!

Finally, I'm on Facebook, which is a lot of fun, fairly addictive and also, a great way to network. Check me out there as well as on my website!

Things are looking good for 2009!