Tuesday, February 16, 2016


photo by Caroline Knopf, image courtesy of Magpie Tales

Her gilded coat is shiny with
a touch of brine, a touch of myth.
And really, does she stand at guard
with pointed pike and heart so hard?

Or does she honestly reflect
the rocky coast?  Her cheek is flecked
with tears and spray.  Her calling card
is pointed pike and heart so hard.

However, she is just a wraith
who once upon a time had faith.
She’s now at sea: her own churchyard.
No pointed pike; her heart’s the shard.


The form is Kyrielle.  The inspiration is based on the photograph above, as graciously provided for by Magpie Tales.  The poem, in turn, is about Fand, a fantastic seabird/woman from the tales of Irish mythology.

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