Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Orchid Impression


An orchid, which one finds in nature,
cannot be reproduced by mere humans,

except perhaps as an interpretation…
but if such a thing were possible,

it could only be as beautiful
as one's imagination would be able to make it so.


Notes:  Imaginary Garden with Real Toads provided a prompt of writing about man and nature - and the relationship between the two.  For once, I didn't use poetic form, but just wrote something kind of free verse-ish.  The first picture was of some naturally beautiful orchids which I photographed at the Philadelphia Flower Show. (It was totally fabulous!)  Now, granted, by the act of photographing a flower (or anything, for that matter) one ends up adding a human element.  But for the first in this case, it is only of the plant.  What's my point?  Because the second picture, to add a definite man-made touch, was 'filtered' in PhotoShop so that the picture looks more like a drawing or a painting than the genuine article.


  1. And if painted by the hand of a master, would we not consider the second as magnificent as the first? I like the verse, RJ. Terrific to visit here again.

  2. Kim - you are absolutely right. In the hands of a master, there would be magnificence, although I suppose it's still a subjective matter. Produce, reproduce or replicate? I think it's a symbiotic relationship when it's at its best.

    Thanks for coming by. ☼

  3. Sweet and thought provoking Rj! Beautiful images, too. :)

  4. I love this and so true! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
    I love you gave us two views! Well Done

  5. What a transformation from flower to painting to words on the page!

  6. Art can imitate Nature but not better it:-)

  7. Beautiful picture and work of art too...I think we get our inspiration from nature ~