Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

(Actually, I was never really away.  Well, sort of.)
In any event, I think it's high time I started posted here again, and so here I am!  Ta da!

Now then. (Is that an oxymoron?)

I have quite a bit of poetry recently penned which has been posted over at Poetic Asides, Robert Lee Brewer's awesome poetry site.  There's a lot of great poets that post there, so it's definitely worth a looksee, especially as the Poem A Day (PAD) Chapbook Challenge is currently going on as we speak (so to speak.) If you're looking for poetry prompts, it ought to get the creative juices flowin'.  I'm writing just about all my poems for this challenge in Villejo form, which is a lot of fun, since it lends itself quite well to (what else??!!) light verse!

More on the Villejo tomorrow.

In case you might be wondering, I'm not doing NaNoWriMo, although I think it's a superb project.  Why am I not doing it?  Because several years ago, I did do it and discovered something relevant about my prose writing: see, by the end of November, the idea is (with internal editor turned off) to write 50,000 words.  By Day 17, I had written 65,000 words and realized that coming up with words wasn't my problem - but, editing them back down was!

Which is why I generally write in short-ish poetic form, and because I like wordplay, I write frequently in rhyme (although I'm hell on metrics at times.)  It forces me to be concise - to say what I have to say with an economy of words.


But...if you're talkin' short fiction, that's another story.  Micro fiction is really cool, fun to write and much harder to do really well than you might think.  If you're looking for prompts for this, then you gotta check out Flashy Fiction.  And yep - I am still the Monday Flashy Lady.

Okay...that's it for now.


  1. Hi, RJ! Happy to see a post here so I had an excuse to wave since finishing my book up is keeping me in Flashy Fiction withdrawal. lol

  2. Nevets! We miss you! Sounds like your book is going well (what's it about?) Come back to see FF when you can!

  3. Here's my official line:

    Alec Smith is a business man and gambler who plays in the shadowy edges of the law. Grey Kinjou is an off-the-books federal investigator known as the Detangler, who who holds the Law as sacred. When a high-stakes gambling operation in Denver results in the bombing of a family home in Iowa City, business man and secret agent find themselves caught up in a battle of fanatics -- some of whom believe Smith to be their figurehead. Soon Smith realizes that he is no longer the master of every situation, and The Detangler must choose between Law and family. In the dark, a man named Jones smiles and laughs, hoping for their mutual destruction.

    "You see, Mr. Smith, God goes about his business. The devil goes about his. And sin is what they create to keep mortals distracted so they don't interfere." -- from Sublimation by C. N. Nevets, (c) 2010