Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, the horror! A zombie called Anaphora...

Writer's Island's prompt today is tributeThe March Challenge is all about horrorPoetry Tow Truck suggests we work a bit of anaphora into a poem.  I decided to combine all three elements into one poem, because a silly, lazy monster ate my brains.

Oh, the horror...

Image courtesy of Poisoned Rationality

Zombies Don’t Read – A Tribute to Horror Flicks

"Zombies don't read. They ain't hooked on phonics. So give it a rest." ~ Griffin, House of the Dead 2: All Guts, No Glory (2005)

Zombies don’t read, but vampires bite.
Zombies don’t read, but werewolves cause fright.
Zombies don’t read, but ghosts often haunt.
Zombies don’t read, but gremlins will taunt.

Zombies don’t read, but Phantoms are known
to sing opera, while Frankenstein’s prone
to make a new creature who then will proceed
to cause mass destruction, but zombies don’t read.

Zombies don’t read what Stephen King writes.
Zombies don’t read. They threaten your nights.
Zombies don’t read.  The horror remains,
‘cause zombies (like phonics) will just eat your brains.



  1. Thoroughly enjoyed that. I guess I'm not a zombie ;-)

  2. Anthony - thanks! I'm not a zombie either, although my kids might beg to differ. Then again...brainssssss!

  3. Wow - three challenges in one! Great multi-tasking!

  4. DJ - thanks so much! Your prompt made it happen! ☼

  5. I'm so glad your poeming brain is still intace, RJ.

  6. I love this RJ, I am trying to
    write to Donna's prompt and it's proving to be a lot more difficult, than, I first thought:)


  7. Well done! Master of the brain, no zombie here, managing three in such a fabulous fun piece.

  8. oh the horror of it- eating brain is not nice. :(

    hilarious poem.

  9. LOL, this is a delight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  10. LOL!!!!!!!! I just loved this! As a teacher of language arts and reading (who likes whole reading better than phonics, even though phonics is essential)...I just love this.

    Thank you, thank you. I will be back for more!

    Meryl Jaffe