Thursday, March 3, 2011

...and a few more thoughts pertaining to the world of arts and letters...

Some time later, after I posted that cute l'il bit of jotting below, two more wonderful sites provided further fodder for my fertile imagination.  Poets United Think Tank Thursday was looking for poems inspired by quotes and quotations, and Theme Thursday's prompt was books.

Taking that as her cue, my muse whispered, "Carl Sandburg," in my ear, and the rest is epigraph history.

Image courtesy of Pip Poetry
Clerihew for a Poet

I’ve written some poetry I don’t understand myself. ~Carl Sandburg

Thus, Carl Sandburg wrote,
(to paraphrase his quote)
“I don’t always ‘git it’
even if I writ it.”


A Shore Thing*

A book is never a masterpiece; it becomes one. ~Carl Sandburg

There once was a woman named Snooki
who was kind of an arts/letters rookie.
But she got a book deal
which I still find surreal
since her talent is more about nookie.

I doubt that her book makes ‘the list’
and in fact, it should just be dismissed.
But this stuff seems to sell
even if it is hell
and it’s penned by a true solipsist.


(*Not in this case.)


  1. I'm so glad I came by, RJ. I've taken myself far too seriously today, and needed some good, old fashioned entertainment. You provided! Thanks you!

  2. You are too funny,RJ.
    Well done.


  3. Kim - thanks! I hope everything's okay.

  4. Pamela - thanks! I'm so glad you thought so! ☼

  5. Glad you got the tee hees, Janice! ☼

  6. I Love It. Sounds like your talking about romance novels. Ha Ha. You can tell I'm not a big fan of them. Thanks for sharing, I got a good chuckle.

  7. Never written a clerihew, because I never think I can... love this one though. And the Snooki limericks are just too much. As a NJ native, she offends me on a deep personal level, and I enjoy seeing a bit of criticism poked back her way. :)

  8. Lisa - glad you got a chuckle! ;D

  9. Elizabeth J - thanks so much! I'm glad it makes you smile!

  10. Joseph - I think you could write anything you wanted to write! Your work is brilliant!

    As for the whole Snooki thing, well, let's say that irritated doesn't even begin to say it for me. I know so many talented, excellent writers - and this silly JS character (who only admits to having read 3 books which weren't assigned to her - including Twilight!) gets a book deal - for a ghosted book. I wrote the poem in jest, but ...grrrrrr......

    And as a Jersey girl (by way of Philly and NYC) I'm doubly ticked too - just like you.

    Okay - rant over. ☼

  11. Two great do the cleverist writes and always a joy to read...and these quotes of Sandburg's are to great ones that I have never heard..thank you for sharing....bkm

  12. OMG as the kids say er text er sext...too much Jersey Shore!

  13. Love the Sandburg quotes and what you did with them. And Snooki's book should offend anyone who reads and writes for any reason. I'm thinking someone may have thought they might shut her up if given some other tasks to deal with. With a ghost writer, she'll at least be limited to some extent to an audience of one. I figure we should all pray for the ghost.


  14. *Listen*...that is the sound of virtual applause (x2) Bravo!

  15. YOU are fun, love the different slants~ I needed that~ Happy Friday!

  16. You're making the day for a lot of us, R.J.! The juxtaposition of dippy Snooki against the brilliance of Carl Sandburg is an unexpected touch of whimsy that's quite delightful...:)


  17. Your poem was set up to be so serious I thought..until I read the actual poem. LOL This is great!