Thursday, February 19, 2015

Temptress of Cookies

Biscuits Lefèvre-Utile by Alphons Mucha, 1897/Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Temptress of Cookies

She proffers up a gilded plate.
I wonder, could this be her bait?
“Biscotti or a bourbon ball?”
Surrender!  I am in her thrall.
“Taste this cantucci di Prato.
Just one bite…”  I’ve won the Lotto!
Those Florentines!  I can’t forestall
surrender!  I am in her thrall.
She’s wicked.  She’s a temptress.  I’ve
just never felt so – S’mores! – alive!
Her schnecken’s my confectioned all.
Surrender!  I am in her thrall.
“Rochers à la noix de coco?
Petit fours?” She drives me loco!
She’s a Pfeffernüsse doll.
Surrender!  I am in her thrall. 

Notes:  The form is Kyrielle (yes, I love this form!)  The artwork which inspired this poem is by my favorite La Belle Epoque artist, Alphons Mucha.  Especially with the Girl Scout cookie season (yum!) well upon us, I thought this poem was kind of apropos.  And for more noisy treats, please check out the Phoenix Rising site.  And don't forget, Poetic Asides is serving up treats, too.


  1. you write cool poetry.

    with yourself in your words, everything makes sense.

  2. do check out poetry rally this week and join them


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