Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Pose

Léopold-Émile Reutlinger - LOTI, Manon_SIP. 934. Photo Reutlinger/
Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

I think I’ll rip these curtains down.
They clash with my charmeuse Worth gown.
I’d break the Internet, you see,
but it is just nineteen-oh-three.
Instead of grease, I wear this dress.
that’s quite notorious.  The press
would love to see some more of me,
but it is just nineteen-oh-three.
No Internet.  No YouTube buzz.
No Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.  Does
that mean I can’t break hearts?  How dree,
but it is just nineteen-oh-three.
Celebutants must feed the need
of culture or they won’t  succeed.
‘Though I am hardly bourgeoisie,
the year is still nineteen-oh-three.

Notes: The form is Kyrielle.  The pose which was struck in this portrait reminded me of a certain woman on the cover of a certain magazine, who was supposed to 'Break the Internet.'  I thought it was kind of an interesting comparison.  Also, although the woman in the above postcard was clearly wearing Edwardian dress, I do not know if the dress was actually Worth, or if the picture was even taken in 1903 - although it was from a collection that was created in that general era.

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