Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a Character!

Being an insomniac has its merits. For one thing, you can use your computer without any interruptions whatsoever in the middle of the night, unlike what you'd normally have to deal with during the day. Which is exactly what I was doing in the wee hours of this damp-ish morning.

So, I was checking out Neatorama, a fascinating blog I follow, which has all sorts of - well, neat things! And, that led me to a link for another blog called Quipsologies. This blog also has a lot of very cool things on it. But, one thing which really caught my eye was a link on that page to yet another page called

You know how you have to search around and play with the 'alt' plus four numbers to get 'special characters' for a document? Or else play with the 'symbol' drop-down to find the character you want to use so you can try and insert it? Well, this page allows you to simply cut and paste the special characters. Fast and easy. And fun.

Check it out!


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