Monday, February 7, 2011

On the land or in the sky...

...lots of things happen.  Don't ask me why.

Instead, just suggest I write a poem about 'em - and I'm good to go.'s Monday, and that means I've written a poem inspired by one of the lovely illustrations one can find over at Monday's Child.  Although this morning's offering by Kate Greenaway concerns the Pied Piper, I interpreted it in another direction. (Figures, right?)  The form is a Wordsworth Sestet

Additionally, it is Day 7 of the Haiku-a-Thon, so SiS/Few Miles suggested haiku-ers write about 'anger,' which I have indeed done.  Sort of.

Market Day

On market day, we visit all the carts
of all the vendors in the market place.
I want an apple; Mum, a piece of lace
and my sisters both want some licorice…
or maybe lemon drops…or candy hearts.
Papa haggles and we each get our wish.

Image courtesy Charles Wood
‘anger Management

‘e was a pilot;
‘is plane stayed in the ‘anger
when ‘e did not fly.

(Note - in case you might be wondering, I do know that the place one garages a plane is actually spelled 'hangar.'  Artistic license and all that jazz...)


  1. I smiled at the images of Market Day that came to me as I read. I laughted out loud when I read your Haiku, though. How clever! Still laughing about the 'anger. LOL

  2. RJ, Love the market day poem and I had to laugh at the anger haiku.
    Seems you may know some of the folks
    I do:)


  3. Your 'anger Haiku is fabulous! I love it!!!! BIG SMILES all around.

  4. Thanks, Judy! I'm glad you got a laugh! ☼

  5. Pamela - I am so not an angry person, so the 'angry' prompt threw me a bit.

    Then, I heard a voice in my 'ead, 'oo dropped 'is aitches - and suddenly I knew what to do.


  6. Love your market bargining and your second piece is so are a gem...bkm

  7. bkm - thank you so much! But you are a true gem, too! ☼

  8. Your anger Haiku is awesome.. Loved it RJ..

    Someone is Special

  9. Someone is Special - thank you so much!!!

  10. Smile in my eyes, on my face and in my spirit! Thank you!

  11. Becca - glad I could make you smile! ☼

  12. Love yuor ' 'anger Management' haiku! LOL

  13. Thank you so much, Doctor FTSE!!!

  14. Made me smile - no place for 'anger here :)

  15. Nimaruichi - thanks! That's exactly my point! ☼