Monday, October 3, 2011

No Recall

Between the waking and the sleeping, something strange comes…

I thought I saw within my dream
a flying elephant.  This theme
did not make any sense at all.
That is, until I thought about
proboscides and wings, no doubt,
escaping from a hazy pall
of man-made nightmare.  But awake
the truth became a bit opaque
then faded.  Now I can't recall.


Note:  The form is Nove OttoMagpie Tales posted the above picture as the prompt.  I thought it was fascinating and actually kind of cute - that is until I noticed the reactor towers in the distance.  I thought that didn't make sense, but the truth is, I think I didn't want it to make sense.  So I made a trunk call (get it?!) and wrote about a place in between waking and sleeping where things fly fast, but fade just as fast, too.


  1. Did you by chance consume a martini (or two) before retiring? Great write!!

  2. Dreams are like that, aren't they? Fine fun poem.

  3. ha. yes, dreams are ever elusive...little mysteries to uncurl each time they come back...

  4. My first visit to your site and can see I will need to come again. Light hearted, this one, and so true about dreams. You wake up and wonder..."what was that all about?!?"

  5. Oh, that time between...wonderful!

  6. a great poem - loved where you went with this

  7. lovely lines for your flying elephant

  8. Well constructed rhyme scheme. (It's getting rarer!)

  9. It is a rather hazy notion, isn't it?

  10. The poem and the photo made me laugh. Very unusual and certainly surreal.