Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It may be the lowest form of humor...but a pun is fun!

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 Lexicon Love

So, if you have           
you’re hooked on terms.
Cause?  Word-list germs.


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Chow Down

A cantina
cannot serve a meal
since the venue
has no menu.

A restaurant
like this only has
surly waiters.
Never caters.

Notes: The form is Pun-ku.  (Actually, the second poem is a double Pun-ku.  Salvatore Buttaci is a poet and writer who came up with this new humorous poetic form.  It is called the Pun-ku, and it's really fun.  Here's how you do it ...

(1)    Unlike the haiku that allows for a less than strict adherence to the 17-syllable rule, the pun-ku must be exactly 17 syllables long. 

(2)    It contains only four (4) lines arranged syllabically as follows:
Line 1: 4 syllables     Line 2:  5 syllables      Line 3:  4 syllables    Line 4:  4 syllables

(3)    As for the end-rhyme pattern, Lines 1 and 2 do not rhyme. Lines 3 and 4 do.

(4)    The pun-ku must contain a pun on one or more of the words used in the poem.  The subject matter deals with human nature, is light, humorous, or witty.

(5)   The title of the pun-ku can only be one- or two-words long (or short).


  1. RJ~ You seem to have it down pat, but with your great sense of humor it probably comes naturally.