Monday, August 8, 2011

One Sunny Day

Image provided for by Monday's Child/Illustration by Kay Akers

One Sunny Day
One sunny morning…
            …I headed out with Mike.
                and I spied a wee tyke
                of a girl on a trike.  I
                saw she was with her mum
                who pushed a pram, by gum.
                I waved, and then I said, “Hi!”
                She grinned and then looked up
                and so did Mike, my pup.
                So, I too looked towards the sky,

And so did everyone else in my building.

One sunny morning…
            …My brother crowed, “Guess what?
                There was a string I cut
                which was tied on a balloon
                so now the thing can soar
                ‘til we see it no more.
                Think it can fly to the moon?!”
                My grandma answered, “Yes!
                In fact, that is my guess.
                I think it should get there soon.”

And soon, I think it might have done just that!

One sunny morning…
            ...Windows were unshuttered.
                Ooohs and ahhhs were uttered.
                We all watched the balloon rise.
                The small girl said to me,
                “Can I come by for tea
                later, so we can reprise
                another air-borne sight?”
               “I think that sounds just right,”
                I did extemporize

And my spirits flew upward, just like that balloon.

One sunny morning…
            …I took Mike for his walk.
                At the sky, I did gawk
                whilst I sang a happy tune.
                Mike seemed to like my song
               ‘cause he howled right along.
                It's all due to a balloon:
                the way it can make light
                on a sun-filled moon-flight.

                What might be this afternoon?

Notes:  Poetic Form is Balassi Stanza.  For more info on it, please see The Poets Garret.  

I love this illustration!  It's fun and has a narrative all its own.  Although pink (ish) it actually reminded me of the 1956 movie, The Red Balloon, particularly the part at the end of the movie where the balloons, with seemingly a life of their own, take to the sky with a little boy.  To me, it means that you never know where one small incident might lead you, but also, that there is always hope.


  1. That's quite the tale RJ. Sweet. I was struggling with the prompt, but yours insprired mine. Cheers!

  2. A tale indeed enough for a little book cute goes so well with the picture...bkm

  3. So many stories from one prompt. A great read.

  4. Oh, you let your imagination run with it ... good for you!